Editing, Mark-up &
Coverage Services

I am a multiple award-winning novelist as well as an optioned and currently working scriptwriter. I offer honesty in what I see to help your sci-fi or fantasy adventure shine brightly. Editing is the crucial bridge between your design for a story and how others interpret it. It streamlines your work and highlights your strengths as a writer, and it also makes you confront your weaknesses.


I take confidentiality seriously. Your work belongs to you. I will not share or disseminate your work.

Developmental Editing

You’ve completed your story. You’ve reread it, and it’s time for another set of eyes on it. I will provide you with a reader’s perspective to help you identify plot issues or confusing dialog, etc. This is the style of editing you want to do before you submit to agents and producers, or put it online for the world to discover.

Do you need more conflict or heightened stakes? Is your protagonist causing the story to happen, or is the story happening to them? These are some questions I will keep in mind as I read through your work.

I will keep your voice intact as we work through characters, their arcs, pacing, plot, scene placement, and more. Developmental editing digs deep into the meat and bones of the story and cuts away the fat.



My editing and mark-up services help writers identify word misuse, formatting error, grammar, typos and sentence variation. I will also note technical issues as well as dialog, scenes or descriptions that run long.

This type of editing does not focus on the story, but instead on the words themselves. After you’ve had your developmental edits completed, then it’s time for line editing. This editing does not focus on the plot or the characters. This is what you want done before you submit to publishers or publish it yourself.

The Process

I use MS Word or Google Docs with Track Changes, inline comments, and a summary at the end.

If you would like to me to edit your story, please contact me for a sample edit. It is $7 USD for 3k words of a novel or the first 5 pages of a script. This way, we can see if this is a good fit for both of us. Payment through PayPal or Venmo.

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